Angelina Jolie’s Boobs Will Be Missed, In With The New Big Fake Twins

So,¬† Angelina Jolie went public with news that she had a preventative double mastectomy to reduce her likely chances for breast cancer because of her genetic-seal. Sad to see the twins go… Anyway, her tits were nice but were never even that great in my opinion. Fuck, you can go on LiveJasmin and see 100 girls on webcam with better tits than her. Angelina’s best feature is her lips and that mouth on her by far and she still have that amazing cock sucker. Hoverer we can still have a memorial in the memory of Angelina’s boobs with a few pics of their most glorious moments. Also, the last pic is what her new fake boobs may or may not look like after reconstructive surgery.¬†Angelina, you might as well go big! And I would pay a million dollars to see the smile on Jennifer Aniston’s face when the news of Angelina Jolie double mastectomy for broke. Please stop laughing Jennifer, every man would still rather do Angelina over you. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Lets imagine what her new boobs will look like after reconstruction with silicone, we can only hope: