Camwhoring iPhones Girls Compilation

Here is a compilation of some 365 photos of camwhoring chicks, although you may not notice at first, with their iPhones and of course very little clothes on. A recent study foundthat iPhone users have more sexual partners than BlackBerry or Android owners. By age 30, the average male iPhone user has had about 10 partners while female iPhone users have had 12. By contrast, BlackBerry users hover around 8 partners and Android users have only a mere 6. The bottom line is iPhone girls are really easy. Twice as easy as those Android nerdy girls as a matter of fact. So you better have a condom or two ready and keep an eye out for those female iPhone users… they are a slutty bunch!

In the meantime, you can analyze the iPhone female visually below in these very interesting self-shots and take a few notes before doing the field research. Oh yeah, anthropology can be very fun with the right subjects. Click on pictures to enlarge.