French Journalist Claire Chazal Topless In South Beach

Here is French journalist and TF1 news anchor Claire Chazal at the beach in Miami, sporting a revealing red bikini but mostly in only of it on Tuesday. And again on Wednesday in mostly half of a black bikini. Claire Chazal tanned topless each day while reading a novel in her beach chair and went for a few dips in the sea. The respected 54-year-old newswoman is flashing her mature funbags on vacation all over South Beach because that is what European women do. Which is usually a good thing but they tend to still do it when they reach the age they should stop. Hint..hint Claire! These topless candids are like 10 to 15 years too late in my humble opinion. Anyway, if mature old titties is your thing then this is the post for you. Lets just hope Barbara Walters don’t get any ideas. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here is Claire Chazal on topless day one:

Here she is with her clothes on: