Katy Perry Bikini Bottom Wardrobe Malfunction Exposing Her Bare Ass

So, have you ever wanted to see Katy Perry’s bare pale white and delightful ass on display for your viewing pleasure? Katy Perry had a little wardrobe malfunction on Sunday at Raging Waters Water Park in San Dimas. After riding the Wave Rider machine, she almost lost her bikini bottoms and flashed her bare white ass to a few hundred people including adolescence, pre-teens and teenager boys. And this chick’s big ass is so white I wouldn’t recommend you looking directly at her moon unless you don’t mind risking going blind. Anyway, she was having a blast on the boogie board, until a wave nearly took her bikini bottoms. And the fun started for the crowd of young boys gathered when Perry emerged from the water, and gave quite a show, exposing her entire bare backside to amused onlookers. The lifeguard quickly tried to block her naked ass with her board but it was too late, and everyone had already seen her ass. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.