Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Cover And Pictures Leaked

Here are leaked photos from the much anticipated Lindsay Lohan Playboy spread a week or so before hitting the newsstand. This is an interesting leak… All along I thought Playboy founder Hugh Hefner was running the company into the ground so that he could buy back the shares at a cheaper price but he as already taken the company private so you would think the fuck ups would have end. However they overpaid to get Lindsay Lohan naked and then the photos got leaked before getting to newsstands. There goes my stock fraud theory… what we are dealing with here is pure incompetence.

Anyway, the troubled actress posed for Playboy in late October but later had to re-shoot the pictures after Hugh Hefner was unhappy… So if you are disappointed with these pics can imagine how awful the results from the first shoot were exactly? And I have seen this chicks pussy so many times before anything short of a gynecological examination was going to be disappointing. But I am still surprise they didn’t get one vag shot from Lindsay for this issue of Playboy. Lindsay Lohan was going for a classy Marilyn Monroe look in these shots but instead got a methed out Marilyn Monroe look. Or a more down to Earth Marilyn Monroe of the people. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.