Mikki a.k.a. Sexychilli Public Nudity Poolside At The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Singapore

Here is another Singaporean exhibitionist chick showing off her private parts in Singapore’s public spaces. I knew the Marina Bay Sands had the hottest swimming pool in Singapore but no one told me about the topless chicks poolside in Wicked Weasel micro bikinis! LOL… By the way, remember that micro bikini Singaporean school teacher by the name of Gwen that caused a scandal when she entered the Wicked Weasel bikini online contest and uploaded a bunch of her scantily clad bikini pictures? Well, this latest Singaporean chick by the name of Mikki a.k.a. Sexychilli seem to have taken a page or two from Gwen’s book. Except with a smaller micro bikini, a lot more nudity and a whole lot more public.

Yup, the ladies in the normally conservative city-state of Singapore are getting truly daring. This time around we know a little more about the flashy lady who entered Wicked Weasel’s monthly online bikini contest in November and September. She does modeling under the name Mikki but her real name is Grace ‘something.’ She is says she is 28-years-old and is a Singaporean of Chinese and Thai heritage. Some of her topless and racy photos were taken at Universal Studio in Sentosa and at the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Singapore. On her introduction for her Wicked Weasel bikini contest submission for September, she writes:

“My name is Mikki and I am from Singapore. I have no time for a beach holiday to show off my Wicked Weasel clothes just now so have been wearing them around Singapore for fun. I love the small bikinis, the short skirts and see through dresses and tops especially as I never wear knickers or a bra. I get so many admiring looks from as many girls and ladies as I do from the guys. I hope you enjoy the Singapore views.”

For November, she writes:

“Hi, it is Mikki from Singapore. I still have no time for a holiday so most of these photos are in Singapore except for the bikini photos when I had a few days work in Cebu. I love to wear the Wicked Weasel dresses and Lighthouse Skirt when I am out in town because I never wear any bra or knickers so they are very exciting to wear. And guys and girls all seem to love them too. So many people ask where I get them. I hope that you enjoy too.”

Elsewhere she describe herself as a “straight female that loves to sunbathe naked if possible or nearly naked if not.” Mikki a.k.a. Sexychilli explain the nickname “Sexychilli” after giving her email address on a modeling director website by saying, “I can be contacted at [email protected] Don’t ask! My friends say I am hot and sexy hence the email address.” She is kinda active on the Thongboard web forum under the name Sexychilli and you can notice very clearly she is loving the attention.

Anyway, she is back at home in Singapore from November 22 for two weeks before flying off again so this is the best time of any to share these pictures. Just to bid her farewell until her return… I hope she doesn’t mind but something tells me she doesn’t mind millions of people looking at her naked pictures since she uploaded some to the Wicked Weasel website. But we have all that and a lot more here than what is on that website. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.


Mikki a.k.a. Sexychilli real name Grace ‘something’ (born November 5, 1982 in Singapore, Singapore) is a Singaporean model. She is of Chinese and Thai heritage.