New Miley Cyrus Leaked Nude iPhone Pictures Or Not

Miley Cyrus just turned 18 and already she has got another nude picture scandal on her hands. A Canadian blogger claims to have come upon naked self-shots purportedly taken by Miley with her iPhone. According to the blogger, her iPhone was recently stolen at a party, and the pics have leaked online. Thus causing a huge stir with millions of people searching for the uncensored version of the camwhoring pictures of the famous young star. The NY Daily News is even reporting on the story. The only problem is apparently it is not Miley in the pictures. Many sources claim that the girl in the photo is in fact a 19-year-old “Miley look-a-like” from London.

Anyway, the leaked nude cell phone pics hit the Internet like a wildfire this morning and allegedly show Miley in Madrid, Spain last month for MTV’s Europe Music Awards. Conspicuously absent in the photo is Miley’s under-breast tattoo, reading “Just Breathe,” which can be seen in a number of red-carpet photographs of the star. But the room in the picture is at the Westin Palace where Miley was staying. She also owns a black iPhone, which the picture was taken with. But perhaps the most damming piece of evidence is that the naked girl in the picture is a total slut. And according to ever source, Miley is also a total slut. And she is well known for sexting… It kinda all adds up.

But I am sad to report the picture is just a fake. It is obvious, unless Miley recently remove the stupid tattoo under her left titty. But just in case you don’t believe me, only hours after breaking the story the Canadian blogger came clean and posted a correction stating the obvious that it was not her. And it is a good thing too because now we can post it here. If it was real then it would have been taken when she was still only 17 and would have been a no go. The photo was also labeled a fake early this morning by Gossip Cop. However by then it had already gone viral. While Miley’s no stranger to photo scandals, this one doesn’t seem like the real deal. Gossip Cop reports that Cyrus’ reps not only deny there being nude photos of the young star, but are considering legal action. Anyway, the original photo leaked by the Canadian blogger is seen below plus another a complex diagram from 4chan attempting to prove its real. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Above is the first of the so-called leaked pictures. Then a bit later the picture below hit the web:

Note that the picture above has the same face as the real picture below. This would have been too obvious so the Canadian blogger cropped out the face and uploaded the very first two pictures above:

Here are the diagrams trying to prove it is her:

Rumors are the girl in the so-called leaked nude pictures of Miley is actually a 19-year-old girl from London. The real Miley below: