Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction Nipple Slip On Good Morning America

Here is Nicki Minaj on stage nipple slipping for the kids live on Good Morning America… Actually it was more of a full boob slip because it started as a nipple slip but her entire left boob did come out for all to see. This Nicki Minaj incident is the biggest nipple slip on live American television since the Janet Jackson nipplegate controversy at the Superbowl a several years ago. But much more of Nicki came popping out this morning during a live performance on GMA than in the Janet Jackson nipplegate incident and for a lot longer. The FCC will be all over the ass of Good Morning America, ABC, and Disney for this Nicki Minaj wardrobe malfunction incident. Expect a $1 million fine from the FCC soon… Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.


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