Paris Hilton’s Topless Bikini Vacation Pictures From Europe, And She Is In Trouble For Possession Of Marijuana Again

So what do you rather see, a nudist Hong Kong no name chick at the beach or a topless herpes infested Paris Hilton high on weed on a yacht? Yeah, I am not sure either but lets mix things up a little with some itchy-crotch. Now it might be stupid that marijuana is illegal in most countries, but it is, so you have to be smart if you want to carry some when you travel. Needless to say Paris Hilton is dumb as a fucking rock, so she has been detained twice this month in foreign countries for possession. First at the World Cup in South Africa on July 2nd, and then again Friday in Corsica. She was held on the French island with less than a gram of marijuana in her purse. The Daily Mail report:

“The socialite landed at Figari airport on the French island in a private jet and was due to board a yacht to Sardinia nearby.
But she was stopped by police after she was picked out by their sniffer dogs and taken into their offices for questioning.
Officers found less than a gram of the drug in her handbag and she was released without charge after less than half an hour, according to newspaper Corse-Matin.
Police told the local paper: ‘Hilton was taken aside as she landed at Figari. She was searched in a secure area of the airport police station and an amount of cannabis that weighed less than a gram, was found in her handbag.
‘Due to the small amount of the substance, she was cautioned to not travel with drugs then released within an hour with no criminal charges. The drug was confiscated and destroyed.’
The incident comes less than two weeks after the hotel heiress was arrested for drugs at a World Cup match in South Africa.
Hilton, 29, was on her way to the exclusive Porto Cervo resort in Sardinia and had earlier posted pictures of her and her friends on the private jet on Twitter.”

Damn, they destroy the weed? Or is that a euphemism for they smoked it? The next day Paris Hilton no doubt destroyed some more herself on this yacht off the coast of Sardinia, where she lounged around topless for a while. Paris was spotted on a yacht outing on the Mediterranean Sea after claims that she was caught with pot. She was joined by her sister, Nicky, and some friends. Sporting a skimpy bikini, Paris tossed off her top while a paparazzi took snapshots. These pictures show the only way Paris Hilton is even tolerable; blurry, topless and in international waters so you can conveniently tie her up to a rock and throw her overboard. And do so without worrying about pesky law enforcement. By the way, can someone please invite Paris to Singapore? I want her to get a few lashes from a cane. Click on pictures to enlarge.