[Serial] Justin Lee Taiwan Sex Scandal With Leaked Full–Length Sex Tapes, Video 20 of 21


And here is the second portion of part 19… The woman in this Justin Lee (李宗瑞) sex tape look like one of the young women in the threesome sex sessions in the previous video but this celebrity sex tape is just plain creepy. The woman is either drunk or drugged out of her mind… And as always the Taiwanese playboy does not seem to be affected by drugs or alcohol. In the first video at least at the start she seem to be more aware of the little sex party they had going and seem to be in a partying mood. And she was a willing participant in the threesomes so why would Justin have to drug her up at all? And why this much because it seems she was almost overdosing in this clip.

The woman in this video might be the one that reported Justin Lee to the police… So videos 19_1 and 19_2 will be the main evidence in court for and against Justin Lee. According to earlier newspaper reports she and her female friend in the threesomes are models. But Justin Lee’s lawyers will say they were moonlighting as prostitutes and for what ever reason Justin refused to pay them so they ran to the authorities claiming sexual assault. And with all the leaks most of the female celebrities in this case will refuse to disclose their identities in court.



Justin Lee Taiwan Sex Scandal With Leaked Full–Length Sex Tapes, Video 20 of 21

File Size: 209 MB – Format: MKV – Runtime: 17:50 minutes